Open for League Bowling today!

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Have a Ball at Rollaway Lanes & Lounge in Davison, MI

We're the bowling alley your grandparents always talked about

Your grandparents probably spent a lot of time at Rollaway Lanes & Lounge as teenagers. Maybe they remember when open bowling cost just 35 cents a game or when our bowling alley wasn't heated. A lot has changed since we opened in the '40s, but we're still a hot spot for bowling in the Davison, MI area.

Our newly renovated 12-lane bowling alley is the place to be if...

You're looking for bowling equipment.
You're eager to join one of our popular bowling leagues

Feel free to reminisce about the good old days, but don't forget to make new memories with your loved ones.

Stop by today for open bowling. Be sure to check out our arcade area and event venue!

Win or lose, you and your buddies often hit the bar after bowling. Now you don't have to leave Davison, MI-or even the bowling alley. Rollaway Lanes & Lounge has the bar food and drinks you're craving.

Contact us today to learn what's on the menu. 810-653-2011

Order a drink from the bar

Can you beat these high scores?

Your name could be among the best bowlers in town. The current record holders at Rollaway Lanes & Lounge are...

  • Josh Croff: (300,267,299) 866
  • Ben Clifton: (299,300,267) 866
  • Kevin Johnson: (279,289,298) 866
Think you've got what it takes to join them? Register for a bowling league today.

Ask about the bowling equipment these pros use-we might have it at the pro shop.

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